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    Meet Vegan Health & Nutrition Coach, Felicia Cox, who made the switch in 2012 and tried it all from raw vegan, to vegetarian, and vegan who gives you the run down on everything vegan.


    Let's get down to it! When omnivores or meat-eaters hear the word "vegan", their go to responses are often along the lines of "I can't be vegan". This is a very broad statement, because "I can't" can either mean "I won't" or "I don't know how". For those who are on the "I don't know how" spectrum, a little bit of education and personalized guidance will get you on track to be confident in what you eat while enjoying it every step of the way. Choosing a plant-based or vegan diet should not be looked at as something hard or challenging; make life easier and have fun with it!

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